Bufftee Collagen Gel Eye Mask – Skin Mask – Under Eye Mask 60 piece

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Anti-Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dark Circles, Puffiness

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Botanical ingredients, the moisturizing, soluble in water and does not irritate the skin.
Anti-ageing: promotes the absorption of collagen and lasting in the skin, nourishes the skin, tightens the eye area, lifts the contours and delays the ageing process.
Improves shine: revives and lightens, dilutes dark eyes, removes accumulated impurities and removes dark circles.
Lifting and toning: moisturizing, soothing and restores the elasticity of the skin, remove the bags under the eyes to make the eyes brighter.
Soothing eyes relieve eye fatigue, deep hydration and refreshes the eye area.
Does not harden.

Whats in the Box

60 Piece Gel Eye Mask


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