Palm Gardens Plastic Plant Pot – Large to X-Large


The perfect pot for medium to large sized plants

Nice big size plastic planting pots for all your planting needs. These pots offers a durable hard plastic with a water drainage holes so it is suitable for any home or office.

These plastic black plant pots are made from durable plastic and are reusable.
The pots are a great way to keep potted plants and houseplants and can be used to grow plants until they are ready to be moved to a larger pot, or into the garden.
The pots have drainage holes in the bottom, making them suitable for use with overhead or sub-drainage systems.
These pots are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized plants like peace lilies, herbs, orchids, palm, etc., brightening up your office or home.

– Basic round pot shape
– Excellent drainage
– Perfect for indoors or outdoor

Additional information

Pot Plant Size Diameter

30cm, 35cm, 42cm


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