purpleX Gel Polish Remover-Top & Base-Nail Peel Off Tape-Matte Top Coat

purpleX Gel Polish Remover-Top & Base-Nail Peel Off Tape-Matte Top Coat


In this set we included every coat one would need for applying & removing gel nail polish.

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The Perfect Nail Coats to get the best out of your gel nail polish.

Applied as quickly as gel polish and cured for the same amount of time

UV Nail Lamp Required to cure nail polish.

– UV Gel Polish
– No Nicks, Chips Or Smudges
– Non-Toxic Resin
– High-Quality Gel
– Colour Longevity and Intensity
– Nail Dryer(UV Lamp) Required
– Easy Application & Durable

Easy to Use:
This gel polish is easy to apply and long-lasting. Once applied it can last a long time provided it is cured properly via a UV LED lamp.

UV Gel Polish:
This set’s gel is cured and toughened by putting it under UV light in a nail lamp.

Superior Quality:
This gel is made from natural resin that ensures durability. The gel allows the nails to breathe while simultaneously providing strength to your natural nail.

We have also included a Matt Top Coat
This coat will create a matt look finish to your normal colour nail polish
It will be used as a protective layer as well, which prolongs the life of your colour nail polish.
It will intensify the matt look of the nail polish for a perfect finish
Easy to Apply: Apply the area you want to be free of nail polish, glitter or any other form of nail art.

Please be advised that it takes 2 -5 minutes to be fully dried during cold weather and depending on hands’ temperature as well.
Dries in white. Easy to apply and remove

Nail Polish Peel Off Tape:
Great clean-up tool for messy nail art.
Great base before glitter bomb.
A must-have for nail stamping, water marbling, gradients & sponging polish nail art.
Works perfectly as a peel-off base coat.

Rubber Base coat:
This nail treatment gel is a 100% non-toxic, scentless and safe nail product that provides you with weeks-lasting flawless wear and an enduring nail colour layer.
Ultimate Nail Protection: This base rubber gel prevents chips and detachment effectively, plus, it protects the decorative gel polish coating from all external factors.
Easy Use For Shiny Nails: Our nail protection gel provides a uniform coating and is designed for easy applications without messy spreading. Your nails will be glossy like never before!
For Professional Or Amateur Nail Creations: The compatibility with any nail powder makes these coating nail products perfect for professional or DIY usage.

Rubber Top coat:
Fast Application – No wiping or gel cleanser needed just apply and cure and you’re done.
Apply like polish, wears like gel in just minutes. Extremely useful in busy salons. Can be used with chrome dust for the chrome look.

Cures under UV and LED – In just seconds this top coat will cure and be completely dry to the touch.

What’s included:
1x Gel Nail Polish Remover
1x Rubber Top Coat
1x Rubber Base Coat
1x Nail Peel Tape
1x Matte Top Coat
1x Random Gel nail polish colour


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