The Lotus Halo Glitter Bufftee Zen T-Shirt – Yoga Lotus Tee
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The Lotus Halo Glitter Bufftee Zen T-Shirt – Yoga Lotus Tee

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Bufftee brings you another classic piece the from The Bufftee Zen Collection. Watch this shirt sparkle day & night. 

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BUFFTEE brings you yet another great quality product as always made locally in Beautiful Sunny South Africa!

The lotus is one of Buddhism’s most recognizable symbols of enlightenment and is important in many Buddhist traditions.
According to legend, everywhere the baby Buddha stepped, a lotus flower bloomed. The famed Lotus Sutra is one of the most important texts of Mahayana Buddhism and is the foundation of the Pure Land schools.

Because the lotus grows in muddy water, it symbolizes the purity of enlightened mind arising amidst the suffering of samsara. It also represents nonattachment, as it is rooted in mud (attachment and desire) but its flowers blossom on long stalks unsullied by the mud below.

The print is done with Vinyl Glitter, Glitter is an assortment of small, reflective particles that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is similar to confetti, sparkles and sequins, but somewhat smaller.

Our T- shirt was created with comfort in mind as all fabrics are soft and Crafted from 100% Cotton. Can be worn for any occasion- a casual day at work or for a fun filled weekend, your favorite yoga class or leisure wear.

160g 100% Cotton
Loose Fit: Generous Cut
Sizes are Unisex but closer to Male Sizes

This is an original design created by the BUFFTEE Brand

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