Bufftee Black Panther Glow in the Dark Tee-165g T-Shirt

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A Bufftee Original Garment. Available in Sizes  S, L, M, XL

Courage, power, superpowers are the things all superheroes have in common but what makes them unique? Their clothes! If you want to feel unique and make sure everyone knows who your favorite superhero is, we have superhero T-Shirt for you!

Celebrate the greatest superhero in Africa with this awesome Black Panther Glow in the Dark Tee

The Glow In The Dark Black Panther Mask really comes to life at night it can absorb light, whether it is sunlight, light, or flashlight light, it can absorb and store it, and then put it in the dark, it will then emit a glowing light.

165g 100% Cotton
Fit: Generous Cut

We bare no association with Marvel Franchise, just a design made by the fans which we think looks cool.

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Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small


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